OMV 5 on HP Microserver for backups

  • Have got OMV 5 up and working on my HP Microserver NL54 using 2x 6TB drives in a mirror, I want to create a backup server for My Desktop/Laptops windows 10 and some Android phones. Whats the best plugins to use for backing up the WIn 10 machines can I do incremental backups. Whats the best way to backup the android phones.

    Another question is it possible to use WOL when a device wants to backup to the server then get it to shutdown afterwards rather than it running 24/7

  • Chris77

    Changed the title of the thread from “OMV 5 on HP Microserver” to “OMV 5 on HP Microserver for backups”.
  • URBackup is the best and only free solutioun for server/client side backup solution as I know.

    And I used for 5 years without major issues on windows server / client version.

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