Port Forwarding and OMV5 do not Shut Down

  • I have a problem with the server PC not shutting down (no standby, shutdown carried out manually) and if then only for 20s and turns itself on again (only taking power helps, but as soon as it is back on power it turns on again ) it is a freshly installed omv 5.4.6-1 with plex.

    As a culprit I have so far found the router (Fritz 6600) on which a manual port forwarding for plex has this always make it go up for whatever reason.

    Even if I turn off wol in omv under network he does it anyway. If I switch the router to upnp (allow independent port releases for this device) that it distributes the ports itself, the error stops but Plex does not come out.

    Before the new installation omv 4 had been running without problems for over 2 years the PC went out and went on when I woke it up over wol.

    Has anyone ever had the error or an idea what I can do? Sorry for English (google)

    THx 4 Help

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