USB 3 External HDD disappears after few minutes

  • Hi,

    I have a problem with my external USB3 hard disk drive connected to my OpenMediaVault server.

    To begin, everything was working fine on OMV4, I have this problem since I have reinstalled all my server under OMV5.

    After few minutes, even when I use the hard drive, the disk seems to spindown, and it disappears from the disk management on the OMV GUI.







    I need to disconnect the USB cable and reconnect it to find again my disk in the disk management list, and then to mont again the drives...

    I tried to force maximum performance and consumption, with no spindown on these disk, but with no success... On OMV4, it was working fine, even with the spindown enable, the disk wasn't disappear from the list, and when I had to access to my files, it was spin up again with no problems.

    Do you have any ideas ?


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