Carbon Copy Cloner Sparsebundle backups

  • I previously used Carbon Copy Cloner to perform sparse bundle backups to OMV4 via the Netatalk protocol.

    I've just upgraded to OMV5 and with the removal of Netatalk, have migrated all my shares over to SMB.

    While File/Folder based backups from Carbon Copy cloner to SMB work fine, a sparse bundle based backup to the same share fails.

    I've tried enabling TimeMachine support as recommended elsewhere, but this doesn't seem to make a difference.

    I've confirmed from the command line that I can read/write to the share, so access is not a problem.

    TimeMachine backups to another share are working fine, so this appears to be limited to Carbon Copy Cloner.

    Just wondered if anyone else had the same issue and has found a fix for the issue?


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