Raid 1 advice

  • Not done a backup server after some advice as new to OMV too

    Have a HP NL54 running with OMV 5 off a 250gb disk and a pair of 6TB drives I plan on using for Raid 1 Mirror am I best using the HP raid or use the OVM 5 raid I assume OMV is software raid. Also plan on using a ZFS on the mirror.

    Then use incremental backups to the mirror raid, from PC/Laptops and Android phones.

    Anything else I should do or missing?

  • If you use the hardware raid the drives will be presented to OMV as a single drive, to present them to OMV as individual drives you need to disable the raid within the Bios, for that I think it's Legacy, can't remember been a while since I did mine.

  • Anything else I should do or missing?

    Why use raid? And why ZFS?

    Then use incremental backups to the mirror raid, from PC/Laptops

    Have a look at UrBackup for that. Runs very decent on the client in the background even when a backup is ongoing.

  • Raid - Really just want a mirror

    ZFS - Isn't this a more reliable file system than ext3-4, NTFS

    Question - If you have a mirror and one disk starts to fail causing corrupt data can this cause problems on the other disk?

    Basically want to do incremental backups (as per above UrBackup) but wan't that to be done to two separate drives.

  • Disadvantages of RAID:

    1. if you delete a file by accident, it will be deleted immediately on the second drive as well
    2. if you modify a file you can't restore a previous version as it is already the same version on both drives
    3. if your data get encrypted, they are encrypted on the other drive as well
    4. adds another layer of complexity

    Alternative: use one drive as your main target for clients. Then use rsync or rsnapshot to sync the data in regular intervals.

    If you use rsnapshot you create snapshots of your data. So you can even go back in time and restore previous version.

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