Help Needed about Microserver M40L Setup

  • I Have had HP ML350G6 12 core (24Thread) CPU and OpenMediaVault 4 running on Proxmox, I was playing around with VM's a lot. But ML350G6 consume very much electricity, so I ended up with buying second hand, low consuming HP Microserver G6 N40L with 8GB Ram. it will come tomarrow.

    MY setup was 2 x 240 SATA SSD Raid0 for Proxmox and Virtual Machines (like OMV4) and 8 x 4 TB on HP410 wich is passed to OMV4.

    I will just install OMV on it, and I want to ask how should I configure with my Hardware;

    HPE N40L (PCI-e x16 PCI-e x1(share with internal x4) and internal usb)

    NGFF M.2 B+M Key SSD to PCI-E PCI Express 4481a 4X card (M.2 nvme+ssd to PCI-e ) Picture Below

    240GB M.2 Sata SSD

    5 x 6 TB HDD + 4 TB HDD

    32GB USB3 (if I'll need)

    I'm not sure that weird M.2 to PCI-e card will work or not but I'll try. I'm IT for a long time but I have very limited Linux knowledge

    My main question is where should I install OMV,

    1. use just one SSD for everything (OS (OMV) & CACHE & Dockers and maybe if cpu would be enough Pfsense and Pi-Hole VM's. )

    2. configure USB as OS (OMV) and everything else for SSD

    wich configuration would be better, or possible/not


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