403 Forbidden - Web UI - Please Help!

  • I'm getting 403 Forbidden on the Web UI.

    I was trying to set up sendmail via CLI for another service (Greyhole): https://www.fosstechnix.com/co…-emails-using-gmail-smtp/

    I received a couple of errors which led me to this page: https://alexhunt86.wordpress.c…world-writable-directory/

    I ran the suggested commands...

    #chmod go-w /

    #chmod go-w /etc

    #chmod go-w /etc/mail

    #service sendmail restart

    nginx OMV error log:

    directory index of "/var/www/openmediavault/" is forbidden, client: ::ffff:, server: openmediavault-webgui, request: "GET / HTTP/1.1", host: ""

    And I think that's what broke the OMV GUI.

    Any ideas? I guess I need to reset the permissions correctly. Feeling a bit stupid for running those without thinking it through.

    As a side omv-firstaid: command not found

  • square_eyes

    Changed the title of the thread from “403 Forbidden - Web UI” to “403 Forbidden - Web UI - Please Help!”.
  • Reinstalling OMV using

    sudo apt-get install --reinstall openmediavault

    Has brought back the GUI login screen but I still can't log in

    OMV\Rpc\Exception: Failed to connect to socket: Connection refused in /usr/share/php/openmediavault/rpc/rpc.inc:141

    Though, now I can run omv-firstaid.

  • Went down a rabbit hole of posts and Googling how to update Kernel. Just ended up with multi page threads on this site and non OMV sites with instructions that were outdated or didn't work for me. Fresh installed the entire OMV.

  • I'm suffering from the same issue, only noticed today.

    I did not try to install any package, or unknowingly.

    First I had to reinstall openmediavault to recover the /var/www/openmediavault files

    sudo apt-get install --reinstall openmediavault

    Then the omv-engined wasn't started and the service was even masked :

    systemctl unmask openmediavault-engined
    systemctl start openmediavault-engined

    Once done, it seems to work fine. I'll update again if i notice anything suspicious.

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