OMV installation breaks bridged internet (systemd-networkd / bridge-utils / RaspAP) and sometimes also access point (hostapd).

  • I have a Raspberry 3B+ (and will soon get a Raspberry 4B) on which I want to set up OMV.

    Since the Raspberry is in a room with also a quite bad connection with WiFi, I want also to let it function as an access point since the WLAN wouldn't be used otherwise anyway.

    But what option I try, I end up with a working bridge with full internet connectivity before the installation of OMV. But after the installation, I barely can connect to the access point (unstable connection, by WLAN and later on often also by ethernet) and/or the connection to the internet is lost at all.

    I tried it these ways:

    Bash: (see:
    sudo curl -sL | sudo bash
    # Further configs via web-GUI

    In the first two ways, I end up with a working access point without internet access on connecting devices. In the last one I sometimes keep internet access over the access point on connecting devices, but the connection is very unstable (beyond unusable). Often I even can't connect to the access point. When connecting over ethernet, no issues from that side exist at frist. The Pi has internet access and all, and I'm able to inspect all issues. But after a few reboots, the Pi isn't accessible at all anymore (reproduces three times by full reinstall).

    It doesn't seem to be caused by the connection itself:

    The bridge is up, and also connected to the internet. So I actually don't know where to look for the source of the trouble. I even doubt whether the trouble in the three situations have the same origin. But I'm to unexperienced on Debian to say.

    Since the prospects are that we will move the coming years multiple times, I wanted to keep it dynamic (and not static) if possible.

    So, anyone came across this problem before? Can someone help me out?

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