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  • Since my company is 100% remote right now and for the foreseeable future, we're going to take advantage of the situation and move the family to a family rental property for a month or two. My OMV5 setup is running great and mostly automated for all the media and backup stuff I use it for. However, there are still times I need to just get into the file system and move things around between drives, rename files, etc. etc. This is super easy of course while I'm at home on my network but how can I do this remotely? I have a Cloud Commander docker running (though I tend to just use SSH/command line or MC) but opening up a port to run that remotely feels like a security problem. What are my options here? I don't need anything fancy but haven't found any solutions in all my searching here, Reddit, etc.

    Thanks in advance for your help!

  • How so? I use OpenVPN with my bittorrent docker (deluge) but not sure how that would gain me remote access to do file management. Is there a guide or informative post I'm missing?


    You're a bit confused.

    Using "OpenVPN with my bittorrent docker" means that you are using OpenVPN as a client, connected to an OpenVPN server somewhere out on the internet. That server then acts as a proxy and hides your IP address from the torrent trackers by replacing your IP address with that of the OpenVPN server.

    The suggestion provided by Aux means that you are to run OpenVPN as a server on your OMV hardware (or better still on your router if that's possible). Then when you are away from where your OMV machine is you would connect to it with OpenVPN running as a client. This would essentially expose the OMV machine in such a way that it appears to be on the same LAN as the the machine at the remote location away from home.

    The simpler route is of course to connect to your OMV machine via ssh and manage files that way. If you like Midnight Commander you can run it on a remote client machine and set one of the panels to be a shell link to the OMV machine if you need to transfer files between machines or just ssh into the remote machine, run MC there in the shell, and manage your files locally.

    As for your concern about having to open a port, there is no way around this in practice if you want to control all this yourself and have no third party involvements.

    One other possibility is to run the Teamviewer Host plugin on OMV and connect to it with the Teamviewer application from the remote host. But this puts the Teamviewer servers in the loop and AFAIK provides only a shell environment, the same one you can have yourself via ssh. I have no idea to what degree, if any, that having Teamviewer in the loop could allow your traffic to be read. I would assume the connection is encrypted end to end to prevent this but I do not know one way or the other.

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  • Ahhh, thank you! That makes a ton of sense. So for example, without OpenVPN running on my server, I would just open a Cloud Commander (or SSH) port on my router and access it that way - but that's not a great idea from a security standpoint. Instead, I install OpenVPN on my server and and use it to access ports on my server as if it was on the local network of wherever I happen to be. I'm sure that's a terrible explanation of reality but I think I'm getting it.

    I found this video:

    and used it to setup the OpenVPN docker. I haven't used the CL to setup a docker yet but it seemed to go smoothly. I was able to access my server on my phone as if it was on my local 192.168.x.x network. Very cool. Thank goodness for this guy (DB Tech) and TechnoDad as well as you knowledgeable folks or I'd be a hot mess security issues and open ports.

    Now I need to figure out how to run this on my laptop (vs my phone) but I assume that's as easy as the phone app.

    Thank you for your help!

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