Install OpenMediaVault 5 on WD EX2 Ultra

  • Hey guys, i want to install OMV5 on my ex2ultra.

    I already did :

    after that i did :

    apt update

    apt full-upgrade

    to go to Debian 10 Buster

    form that point i use:


    It runs smooth but i got some Errors and cant apply changes in some Paketes like Firewall, NTP or Email notifications.

    Do i need to install some extra programms to make it run properly ?

    and sometimes i don't get an IP adress after reboot so i have to reinstall everything cause i cant open a shell to run omv-firstaid


    ps.: I post the errormessages after i finished my 5th time if installing :D

    Edit: Error if i try to add a firewallrule:

  • First message was already to long

    i configured the original OMV5 without any addons and lost my IP address after a reboot. The machine is not getting any IP adress anymore.

    The output over an Serial connection is as follows:

    I figured out that i lost my connection after reboot after i changed Domain and Hostname in the Network Tab.

    after a fresh installation only activating WOL fucked up network settings and after a reboot the OMV machine is not reachable any more.

    So it looks like as soon as i change something in the Networksettings OMV fucks up the hole Networkconfiguration.

    i can attach the raid and mount it to another machine and try to fix it.

    Anyway to avoid this or to edit configuration files manualy after the network of my OMV device stoped working ?

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