Public/Private folder opening order issue

  • Accessing my private folder on my RPi 4 with OMV 5, from Windows 7 or 10, only works if I open the private folder before I open either of the two public folders. If I open a public folder first, then Windows rejects my user name and password when I try and open the private folder. To open the private folder I must first close Explorer and open it again. Now if I try and open the private folder, Windows accepts my credentials (RPi user name and pwd). Has anyone else experienced this behavior that the order of opening public/private folders is important? I don’t know if it’s a bug, feature, or a bad setting someplace.

    I have one triple-boot PC with Windows 7, Windows 10 Home, and Ubuntu 18. Both Windows installations have the above described behavior. Ubuntu does not. I also have three laptops. One is old with Ubuntu 18 and does not have an issue. I have another laptop with Window 10 Pro. It has the same issue. My wife’s laptop has Windows 10 Home and has the issue.

    So, it seems like it’s a Windows issue, although I can’t rule out OMV 5, mainly because I know so little about Linux. The workaround is admittedly simple but still slightly annoying. Thanks in advance for help.

    P.S. A looked though a dozen pages of previous posts. If I missed the one with an answer, my apologies.

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