stuck on blue screen when the network is trying to configure ?

  • hello

    i ve take a look on the forum , but don't find a similar problem , hope you can help ! ;-)

    i try in vain to install the last release of omv, everything is going well, until the network part. ...... omv tests the ethernet ports, and the wifi port, I have an ethernet link on port 0 and an available wifi network. Whether I choose the ethernet network, or the wifi network (after being connected), it will ask for a dhcp address, and ... I find myself on a blue screen and after 30 minutes still nothing! it doesn't even ask for a static ip address? what to do ?

    Thanks for your help guys ! :)

  • trying to re-install , and same issue is occure :

    -->additional components --> ok

    --> detecting the network ports --> ok

    --> waiting

    --> network detection on eno1

    selecting eno1 and enter

    --> detecting network on eno1

    --> configuring using dhcpv6

    ---> BLUE SCREEN , nothing else

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