k3s nfs-client and ovm nfs share

  • okay got my pi3 up and running and installed ovm. setup is

    1. pi 3 running buster lite and connected ethernet

    2. 512gb nand drives x2

    3. lvm volume

    4. powered usb hub for the drives

    everything seems to have setup okay and i created an lvm volume and created a shared folder from it called k8s.

    i created an nfs share with this folder called k8s. i setup the ip restriction as i create my pv and pvc and see those create. however it never mounts the volume and i see the following in the log on ovm.

    rpc.mountd can’t stat /export/k8s/pvcxxx. I mounted it on my master and verified the directory doesn’t exist so thinking permissions but not.sure.

  • So some Additional Information:

    I noticed if I tried from my master k3s node I can mount the NFS

    If I try it from my macbook I can mount the share but I am not able to cd to the folder and get an immediate permissions denied.

    My thoughts around permissions is there a way to say allow anybody to rw the NFS share? I know it's not secure but if I could do that then it would at least verify the issue. If I try using rpcdebug I get the classic error of the rpc_debug folder doesn't exist.

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