OS X (Catalina), Automount and NFSv4 Pseudo Filesystem Root Export

  • Hi,

    I'm attempting to mount several NFS exports from my OMV server on a Mac OS X (Catalina) client. I'm using OS X's automount and that worked fine with NFSv3 for most tasks. However, I've now run into an application issue that appears to only function when the export is mounted using NFSv4.

    Here's my relevant configuration. The OS X nfs.conf is the only change I'm making to enforce NFSv4.

    OS X:

    [/etc/auto_nfs] /System/Volumes/Data/private/nfs/photos -fstype=nfs,resvport,rw nfs://omv-a:/export/photos

    [/etc/nfs.conf] nfs.client.mount.options = vers=4.0



    /export/photos mini(fsid=5,rw,subtree_check,insecure)

    # NFSv4 - pseudo filesystem root


    /export mini(ro,fsid=0,root_squash,no_subtree_check,hide)

    This configuration works to manually mount the export using either the "mount" command or Finder "Connect to Server". However, automount no longer functions when NFSv4 is enabled. Attempting to access "/private/nfs/photos", simply returns a no such file error for the photos directory. Attempting to automount the export root also fails.

    I've found that I can fix the OS X automount issue if I comment out the pseudo filesystem root entries in the OMV server exports file. However, as exports is autogenerated by OMV, this isn't a great long-term fix for me. Are these export entries needed? Any suggestions on a better solution?



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