Best way to merge folders?

  • Hey guys,

    I have 3 drives in my server (x2 8tb & x1 12tb). I use them for my media storage, all 3 hdds have the folders "Movies" & "TV Shows".

    I have been looking at LVM, MergerFS & Unionfs and just wanted some calrifcation, what would the best method be to basically create a single mount point (say called 'Media') that has just two folders - Movies and TV Shows with the data from all 3 hdd's??

    I have looked at MergerFS however would that basically mean it would combine my seperate drives into a single mount point but I will then have say 3 of each folders (i.e. Movies 1, Movies 2, etc.) or would it be possible to do what I want where I have 2 folders (Movies & TV Shows) that has combined from the 3 drives?

    I have been looking lately at RAID, BTFRS, etc. However to basically re-build my entire media system would be such a pain and I wouldn't really see any benefit hence why I am looking into this as it would not result in loss of data (and be a pain 8o).



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