Is full Debian 10 included in OMV5 clean install?

  • Hi - I read somewhere that when installing OMV clean (whatever version) that the underlying Debian is not a 'full' install of Debian. Whatever that means.

    That's not true, is it?

    Related question: If after installing OMV (whatever version) I wanted to install something without the use of a plugin or docker, just a straight install to Debian, there are no constraints on doing that just because OMV is also installed. Right? If it matters, Plex is my main focus.

    I've been using OMV for years and am very happy with it. But now that I'm considering migrating from OMV4 to OMV5 I want to be clear on any constraints or gotchas. Thank you!

  • OMV is just a web interface package running on Debian to configure services. What you can do on Debian, you can do on OMV. The biggest issue is that some Debian services/how tos will conflict with OMV.

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