Slow Network Speed after Update to OMV 5

  • Hello,

    i have update my OMV 4 to OMV 5.

    No other changes!

    NFS or SMB copy is 2-4 times slower as before with OMV4.

    Copy aprox. 2000 files 45 MB to the OMV takes 12 minutes

    Copy aprox. 2000 files 45 MB from the OMV takes 4 minutes

    Copy of one single file with 256 MB from/to OMV takes 5 seconds. ( Strange! )

    iperf Bandwidth aprox. 900 Mbits/sec

    The same copy operation to my other NAS takes 4 minutes.

    The same copy operation from my other NAS takes 30 seconds.

    My other NAS was slower as my old OMV4.

    The only way is back to OMV4 but i don't wanna use an old system.

    Any hints?


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