Installing OMV 5.3.9 on HP Proliant ML150 G6 server

  • Hi all,

    I'm not exactly a newbee (i made my own lan with an Ubuntu 18.04 files server + 2 Ubuntu 18.04 workstation + 1 Domoticz server [on Ubuntu server too !]) but i have some difficulties with the installation of OMV on this old machine (HP Proliant ML150 G6 - 2009).

    The server has a Xeon CPU, 4 Go RAM and a 500 Go HDD dedicated for the system. I have 4 HDD of 3 To (with the same datas as the files server).

    I aim to build a NAS to backup all servers and workstations of my lan. It's why i've choosen OMV.

    During my 1st attemp, it was impossible to finalize installation : it was due to the "onboard lan". So i have installed a Pci NIC (intel model - 10/100/1000).

    During the 2nd installation, i could finalized the installation but i was not abble to choose a mirror for update : all of proposed mirrors were tested wrong ... it was the same with a manual input. I've choosed to continue without mirrors.

    When the system reboot, it never displayed the management IP address ! So i had to check it in console as root : i discover that the IP was not in the same LAN an subnet than my lan !

    I have to change it in the interfaces file ...

    Why did i have this behaviour ? How can i solve it ?

    After that i could launch the web management portal. Before to confire backups, i would test NFS sharing ... but even i configure NFS shares (after i have been plug the 4 HDD for datas), i always not be abble to see my shares from my workstations (i use autofs for that, as i have with my files server).

    Is ther anyone to help me ?

    Do you think there's a relation between the "intalling incident" and the "NFS pb" ?

    Thank in advance

    Best regards

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  • There have been some problems with mirrors in the last few days. You might try a straight forward install one more time.

    If that fails, sometimes using the net install version of Buster and installing by script may work. You can find a process for doing that -> here. You would be using the document titled Installing OMV5 on i386, 32-bit, platforms. The only difference would be, when you go to the Debian down load pages, get the 64 bit version of Debian Buster net install (versus the 32 bit version mentioned in the doc). Everything else is the same.

    BTW: I have an older commercial server with Xeon 5000 series processors and it's working fine with OMV. It's an Intel server with intel nic's so, if your add-in Intel nic isn't cutting edge, it should be recognized.

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