recycle in shared folder

  • Please help, if an employee is the first to delete a document in a shared folder, then a bucket is created inside which the employee's username and deleted documents are created.

    But if the second employee deletes the document, nothing is created in the trash folder.

    You see, the bucket only works for the person who created it first.

    Let me explain in more detail-PETROV and IVANOV employees have access to the shared folder - COMMON. PETROV creates a text document and deletes it ( the folder appears .recycle inside which folder Petrov and inside folder the deleted file) then IVANOV also creates a text document and deletes it, and in the folder .recycle nothing appears. If PETROV continues to create and delete the files, successfully files appear in the trash.

    the bucket is created with the following permissions

    drwxrws---+ 3 petrov sambait 4096 июн 1 22:17 .recycle

    how do I make a bucket of all users?

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