• I am a newbee on OMV, but I try to set up Jdownloader with docker using the code

    docker run -d --init --restart=always -v $HOME/Downloads:/opt/JDownloader/Downloads -v /docker/appdata/jdownloader:/opt/JDownloader/cfg --name jdownloader -u $(id -u) -p 3129:3129 -e MYJD_USER=myemail@gmail.com -e MYJD_PASSWORD=pass -e MYJD_DEVICE_NAME=raspberry jaymoulin/jdownloader

    but I could not enter both Jdownloader UI, or myjdownloader.

  • Hi !

    I installed jdownloader on my server, you are making a few mistake.

    If you have portainer installed, you should use the compose file. Much easier.

    You have to register to jdownload, so you can complete the line MYJD USER and the Password one.

    You have to create the folders for download and remplace by the absolute path :


    Will be something like this :


    When you are using a container, you have to do this everytime to keep our config files organised.

    Hope I helped, I'm a beginner too.

  • this is so help tome. and it's work to me. thank you for your effort

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