LUKS2 in OMV Arrakis

  • Hi there,

    I encrypted a couple of disks on an newly installed Debian 10 buster with LUKS.

    I then plugged these drives into my existing OMV fileserver with OMV 4.1.35-1 Arrakis.

    Only then I realized, that Buster uses a new version of LUKS, therefore OMV Arrakis does not recognize the encrypted LUKS partition as such in the LUKS plugin.

    Which way would be the best to solve this?

    a) update Arrakis to OMV 5? (does it as well as the LUKS Plugin support LUKS2?)

    b) reinstall fresh OMV5

    c) update specifically the LUKS package via cli (if so, how would be the right way to do that?)

    installed Plugins are

    - backup

    - borgbackup

    - rsnapshot

    - urbackupserver

    - luksencryption

    - diskstats

    - autoshutdown

    - letsencrypt

    - omvextras

    - resetperms

    - wol

    - dockergui



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