How to rsync an apple time machine backup?

  • Hello,

    I have a NAS (Synology) in my house on which my backups of my Macs are stored as TimeMachine backups. I would like to rsync those backups to my fathers house in order to have a backup there as well in case that something happens to those here.

    As I try to rsync the backups stored here in my house to my fathers place (connected via VPN) I get the error message that access to the data in the TimeMachine backup is not possible. I get the message:

    Please wait, syncing <rsync://yyy@10.xx.xx.xx/SicherungXX> to </srv/dev-disk-by-label-WDRed/XXRsync/> ...

    receiving incremental file list

    rsync: opendir "XX.backupbundle" (in SicherungXX) failed: Permission denied (13)


    Is it possible to rsync the backup bundles or is there any other way to sync them with the remote OMV? I know that I can connect to the OMV directly and use it as a smb drive to save the backup directly. Due to my father's slow internet connection this is not what I want to do as it hinders me from taking my computer with my at times.

    Thanks for your help


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