32 bits fresh installation

  • Hi,

    i'm new here, maybe my post is in the wrong place so don't hesitate to move if necesseary

    i made this week a fresh install of OMV3 with jessie on a i686 computer,

    because of jessie LTS ending in june 2020, i was wondering if OMV3 was the last 32 bits version

    this could be great if there is solution to upgrade to stretch or buster (with 32 bits OMV3 or newer)


  • OMV3 is end of life, you should consider updating to OMV5. If your handware does not support 64 bit, consider swapping this as well. (P4 is quite of an anormous energy consumer, replacement pays off within a couple months due to energy costs)

    If you insist in using this old machine: Guides für OMV5 on different architectures

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  • in fact, replacing mobo and CPU is not decision of mine, someone tells me that and there is no worry while everything works

    but i will tell about energy consumption,

    thx for the guide, i will analyse every possibilities


    i think i will follow alternate i386 installation of omv5 with buster 32bits,

    your answer is very helpful

    OMV4 with amd x2 250

    OMV3 32bits with P4 (dell precision 370)

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