How to get access to my data after reïnstalling OMV on a new disk

  • Somehow i managed to get access.
    Right now i copy all data to a NAS.
    After that i will do a clean install of OMV again.

    *Case closed*

    Hardware: OMV 5 (AMD64) running on Acer Aspire H340, eSATAp 240GB SSD. 4x SSHD Seagate FireCuda 2TB ST2000LX001, RAID10.

  • I'm not sure what permissions route TD took in his video, however, I see that you have user1 with read/write to folder "Very" using an ACL. Why not go a different route and use standard permissions?

    In OMV, under Access Rights Management, User; create a username + password that exactly matches the username + password that you use to log into your Windows or Mac client - the same client that you're using to open the share. Try it and tell us what happens.

    **Edit: I see this was overtaken by events.**
    All's well that ends well.

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