Add Shared folder shows no devices, drives added through OMV.

  • Hello,

    I've read a ton of previous threads with similar symptoms but can't find a fix listed, am really hoping for some help/pointers.

    I'm a real linux newbie so please bare with me but do know I appreciate any and all help.

    I have a raspberry pi with OMV setup. I have an external drive bay added with 3 disks within (dev/sda,b and c). Each disk was added through the OMV webpage by Disks - select, wipe then File Systems, select, create.

    All disks/file systems appear in my OMV file system page and I can see storage usage.

    When I click Shared folders - Add, the GUI opens but the dropdown for "Device" doesn't populate with anything and just had a red outline around it.

    Thank you for any tips.

  • so you whiped your 3 drives and what filesystem did you create on those drives? EXT4? Did you mount those drives?

    Please use your already existing threads in the future if the topic is so closely related. Its easier to have an overview over your issue.

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  • Wiped all 3 drives when they were put in (with some rejigging of files to avoid data loss), all formatted with Ext 4. I didn't need to do any mounting of them, they just appeared in my Pi after I had added the partition in OMV.

    Thank you

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