Sanity check: Migrating OMV to a Proxmox VM

  • I'm preparing to migrate my OMV environment which is currently running by itself on a physical machine to a Proxmox VM.
    My current setup is using an SSD for the OMV installation and 4 hdds. I have 3 of those in a pool using the Union Filesystems plugin and I'm also using the SnapRAID plugin with the 4th hdd as a parity drive.

    From what I've read so far, here is the process I'm planning to follow:
    1) Use Clonezilla to create an image of my existing OMV installation.
    2) Use the image created to create a VM in Proxmox.
    3) Move the 4 hdds to the new server
    4) Passthrough the 4 hdds to the OMV VM (
    5) Boot the OMV VM and run omv-firstaid to fix networking.

    Can I please get a sanity check on this? Am I missing anything? Would this work or will I need to re-do the mergeFS and snapRAID configurations?


  • probably you are past that step already, but I already did the very same during the weekend and mergerFS and snapraid work without any issues. however there is one thing to consider: it seems to be possible to run OMV in an LXC container instead of a VM, utilizing the host kernel with much less CPU overhead. currently I am looking into this further how to convert the existing VM into an LXC.

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  • How did you guys moved it? Any "complete noob" steps you can recommend? I tried cockpit to run VM but no luck, so many problem, so going to do proxmox so I can run other instance for linux for learning purpose.

  • You don't "move" it.

    1. Install Proxmox on bare metal

    2. Create VM for OMV and install it on Proxmox

    When I migrated I also changed to a new box, so I had very little downtime. Just during the time it took to move the data drives to the new box and get them added into OMV.

  • I'm no expert but I would think containers could be moved? I have OMV running in a VM on proxmox, and my VPN (wireguard) is running in a discrete VM on proxmox. Also have another VM for the DNS server (pihole). I like having the other services separated from the NAS server.

  • its surprisingly easy. i have used omv-backup plugin previously to regularly back up my omv installation via fsarchiver method.

    so basically what i did:

    1) installed proxmox on a new drive

    2) created a virtual machine for OMV with a blank 64 GB HDD and passed trough the drive containing the omv-backup to it

    3) booted up systemrescue cd on the OMV VM

    4) used this guide to restore the fsarchive backup to the new disk

    5) passed trough the original disks to the OMV VM

    6) booted up the OMV VM and set up networking over omv-firstaid

    everything is working, but i am getting an mdadm error during boot like described here RE: mdadm: no arrays found in config file or automatically haven't looked very deeply into that for now

    HP Proliant Microserver Gen8, E3-1265Lv2, 16 GB ECC RAM, 3x WD RED 3TB + 1x WD RED 4TB + Crucial MX300 525 GB SSD.

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