CIFS access problems

  • Hi,

    I am using OMV5 with a software RAID 1 and CIFS for sharing files with Windows machines. Works fine so far, but we have problems with about 5 files (out of about 1000). Those files are in a subfolder were the user has R/W privileges. But quite often it happens, that the user needs 3 or more attemps to open the file in Write-Mode.

    So I took a look at the syslog, filtering for messages referring to the file:

    Sorry for the "###PATH_TO_FILE###"-like consorship, but it is nessesary.

    You can see, the third attemt to open the file is successfull ("read=Yes write=Yes"). :/ This happens only to a handful of files, while nobody else is even in the office. The user does definetly have permissions to R/W the folder and files, some of the files were even createt by him. We do not use ACL.

    The only difference I saw in the pile permissions are while using "ls -hl" in shell, were some files are "-rw-rw-r--+" and some "-rw-rw----+" - but as far as I understand this should not matter, because all users are in the group "users" wich has R/W permission.

    At the moment I struggle a bit to understand why this happens. May you help me?

  • Wouldn't this make other users unable to edit files created a user ? The documentation says:


    Why I can’t edit files that other users have created?
    The default umask in Samba is 644 for files. To enable flexible sharing check Enable permission inheritance in the Samba share settings, this will force 664 creation mode. Files created previously need to change their permission mode. Check also that you don’t have read only enabled. This option overrides privileges and POSIX.


  • The documentation says:

    You read documentation :thumbup: to you :) very rare I do the RTFM

    To me the problem appears to be related to authentication i.e. the system trying to authenticate the user's access rights, if disabling that option does not resolve it, if this were me I would create a share specific for those files, move one file and test. I am so rusty at this, but in unix the first group -rwx is for the owner, the second set is for the group the third for others.

    This is why even at home I use ACL, so there my personal folder is assigned to me and I don't mean /home folders.

  • I might have had activated them in earlyer times, but now they are definetely off.

    I disabled "Inherit permissions" on all our shares, and so far it seems to work. I will test it for a week or so and then report back.


  • Okay,

    we testet now for one week. As it happens, disabling "inherit permissions" did not work. Some days the user had no problems at all, but there were 2 days, when he needed 4 to 6 attampts to open the file again.

    My next idea is to set the user permissions on unix level again. ananas told that there are some ACLs still somehow inside (I have disabled the option for the usage of ACLs)... maybe I should set all files to 0660 via chmod?


  • Okay, so I resettet the ACL last week via "setfacl -b [FILENAME]" and the "+" was gone.

    Today i rechecked, and the ACL "+" is back again.

    "getfacl [FILENAME]" shows:

    # file: [FILENAME]
    # owner: [myuser]
    # group: users

    I do not understand the system of ACLs completely, but this should give [myuser] as well as [mygroup] access to the file (r/w). Strange is, that I deactivated ACLs and those ACLs keep comming back.

    By the way: The user still needs sometimes 2 to 6 attempts to acces the file. But only THIS certain user. I think at the moment about adding a new account for the user... (I work with group-privileges, users are only for logging).

    Best regards


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