WebUI not showing all network interfaces

  • Hello everybody,

    Thank you to all the community, you helped me a lot understanding how omv works and how to tune it.

    I have omv running on an ARM Zyxel 542, i have to say i'm pretty happy about performances (considering the low-level of the hardware).

    Suddenly I was never able to see the second network card through the web interface even if i'm able to configure it through /etc/network/interfaces (it calls egiga0 and egiga1). I am able to assign IPs to both the cards using ssh and editing the interfaces file, but somehow i can't figure it out having both listed into the webui.

    I just run omv-firstaid to have both configured via dhcp (no problem, the routers have a reservation) and magically egiga0 disappeared from webui and egiga1 appeared!

    Then i looked at /etc/network/interfaces and... magic! no egiga1!


    This is the omv-sysinfo output just before the firstaid

    note that egiga1 had Link detected: no but it was connected, up and configured (through interfaces file) to a different router than egiga0


    This is the acutal output of omv-sysinfo

    it looks better than the first one, at least both interfaces work and there is nothing too weird

    I can attach the full output of both omv-sysinfo if needed

    sorry for the long post and for some english mistake, basically i would like to understand why the webui doesn't show the two cards even if they are working fine.

    Thanks in advance

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