Wifi Card with chipset intel ax200 not working with omv 5

  • Hello everyone,

    as the title states, my wifi card with the intel ax200 chipset is not working with omv 5.3.9-1 even though it should work linux-kernel 5.4. Because I am not experienced with Linux I do not have an idea what I could try to make it work. Could somebody help me?

    output of lspci -k is

    01:00.0 Network controller: Intel Corporation Device 2723 (rev 1a)
    Subsystem: Intel Corporation Device 0084
    Kernel modules: iwlwifi

    hope this helps

    kind regards


  • Is this a seperate PCIe card (not built into the motherboard? If it's installed in a PCIe x16 slot, try moving it to a PCIe x1 slot (assuming your motherboard isn't a Mini ITX Board.

    I bought a Fenvi PCIe WiFi card not too long ago that has the AX200 chipset - Win10 or latest version of linux wouldn't recognize it in any PCIe x16 slot - driver issues. So I returned it. If I'd used in an x1 slot it might've worked.

    Give it a shot if you have an x1 slot on your mobo.

  • I can't really help you because I'm not familiar with systemd, but you could still find out if the module loads without fault by using:

    modprobe -r iwlwifi

    modprobe iwlwifi # pay attention to this output and look for errors.

    Also "not working" isn't very descriptive. What isn't working and how? Do you see it in your network manager's GUI? Is the device bound to an interface?

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