Quick How To: Installing to USB stick and/or migrate to a USB stick avoid 'Failed to partition selected disk' error

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    OMV installer attempts to create a swap partition equal to the amount of system ram by default. If ram>available space, the installer fails.

    Work arounds:

    -Pull out all but minimum system ram

    OMV doesn't need much disk space and I have a bunch of smaller unused USB sticks lying around (8gb) BUUUT my minimum ram configuration is 8gb.

    -Load Deb then build/load OMV

    Original thread I found suggested netinst img.

    -My method: Install on a sufficiently larger USB stick then transfer partition to smaller stick (I have 64gb ram so I used a 128gb stick)

    1. Install as per usual onto larger stick
    2. load OMV extras/ramdisk plugin, restart / verify operation (swap partition should show as 'unmounted')
    3. burn GParted image to CD or USB stick and boot (make sure you grab amd-64 image)
    4. resize data partition to fit smaller USB stick (overprovision a bit, ie 7.25gb on 8gb stick, many reasons for this)
    5. delete any existing partitions on smaller stick
    6. copy data partition from larger stick onto smaller stick
    7. after these operations have completed, add the 'boot' flag to the newly transferred partition
    8. test functionality - this may not always be the case but I had to install bootloader as well
      1. guide for bootloader here (Restoring GRUB 2 Boot Loader)
    9. repeat procedure on a third stick... Might as well make a backup (or 3) while you are at it.

    This method should also work for migrating from a disk install > USB or spinner>ssd etc.

    references to other threads

    MAIN SOURCE: Issues installing : Failed to partition disk because lack of free space or too small(WTF)

    SWAP partition needed when running OMV in USB Stick?

    Installing-Migrating OMV to USB stick

    Interesting USB endurance test

    Dell 1950 III, E5420 2.5ghz LV processors, 64gb ram

    2x M1015 / LSi 9220-8i > 2x IBM 46M0997

    2x Supermicro X5DPE-G2 3U 16 BAY servers - gutted and only used for backplane/caddies

    SuperMicro CSE-PTJBOD-CB2
    2x Supermicro PDB-PT825-8824 power distribution
    4x Supermicro PWS-920P-SQ switching power supply
    18x Seagate Barracuda ES 750GB (9BL148) 6x Samsung HD103SJ 1TB

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