notifications not working

  • Hiya

    I managed to get notifications to work when I first installed OMV5, but noticed a couple of updates that weren't triggering an e-mail to let me know. Tried various encryption modes and checked for any errors in the logs, but it's not showing anything at all related to failed test e-mails...

    Any ideas why it's decided to stop working?

  • Still can't get notifications to work - switched to my Gmail account (with settings as per other posts for STARTTLS and app specific password) but there's nothing in the log files after attempting to send a test message......

    ETA - this has popped up:

    Jul 5 11:40:02 openmediavault CRON[15680]: (root) CMD ( test -x /usr/sbin/wakealarm && /usr/sbin/wakealarm > /dev/null 2>&1)

    Jul 5 11:41:01 openmediavault CRON[15859]: (root) CMD ( test -x /usr/sbin/wakealarm && /usr/sbin/wakealarm > /dev/null 2>&1)

  • Further log entries, but no idea of relevance to notification issue:

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