problem with nextcloudpi

  • I tried your method installing nextcloud on my Odroid HC1 (XU4) and I always get the "Error: Could not download app calendar".

    I tried removing the containers , removing the config files deleting the Images for several times with the same error. Kindly notify if you know a fix for this.

  • You are using nextcloudpi. You don't mention that. I emailed with the nextcloudpi developer a while ago about this and he said that it was a problem with the calendar servers and nothing he could do about it. I just retried and it worked the second time. I suggest trying again at a different time of day.

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  • Sorry my bad am new to posting on forums.

    I used TechnoDadLife method to install nextcloudpi on docker in OMV5. It worked on my Raspberry Pi 3b and Intel NUC but I fail to install it on the odroid XU4. I tried it several times for several days but to find the same issue.

    I will retry with a fresh install of the armbian OS, OMV install today and get back to you all.

    Thanks for the help and support really appreciate it.

  • gbafana

    Changed the title of the thread from “problem with nextcloud” to “problem with nextcloudpi”.
  • With reference to the video, there is a mention of removing the config file which then removes the app calendar error. I'm new to this and wonder where and how I remove the config file?

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