UPS connection lost

  • lately i am getting increasing number of errors from my ups, flooding my inbox with notifications like Communications with the UPS eaton3s cannot be established, Communications with the UPS eaton3s are lost, status failed (1) -- Init SSL without certificate database and so on. i have even added pollinterval=15 to my configuration file, but did not really help, the number of errors is increasing constatly, and sometimes the UPS gets even lost from lsusb (which makes me think this is a hardware issue).

    but lately i got fed up, removed the omv-nut plugin and apt purged all the nut* packages, but my console is still regularly interrupted by messages like the one below:

    Broadcast message from nut@omv.localhost (somewhere) (Tue Jun 23 22:30:06
    UPS eaton3s is unavailable

    any idea why is this happening?

    HP Proliant Microserver Gen8, E3-1265Lv2, 16 GB ECC RAM, 3x WD RED 3TB + 1x WD RED 4TB + Crucial MX300 525 GB SSD.

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