Missing supervisor from homeassistant

  • installed configured home assistant on openmediavault 4. However the side bar called supervisor is missing. How do you add it so you an add from store.

    Whilst this is not an OMV issue :) you don't say if this is docker or a direct install, if you search for missing supervisor homeassistant you will find a number a hits where this has come up and it simply means you have installed the 'Core' product.

  • So if did install Home assistant into a docker container as per youtube video from Techno Dad Life. (


    He does not mention that this is the core product that you install or how to add the Home Assistant Supervisor package. The core product works excellent on the openmediavault system way better than it works on any other linux operating system, Can you point me in the right direction to add the Supervisor package for home assistant and toe that to the core product?

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