Missing USB Drive after rebooting

  • I have a USB hard drive attached to my OMV 5 system (via a hub) where I store all my applications data, config files, etc. On OMV 4 after a reboot I had no problems with the drive being mounted by the system. However on OMV 5 the drive just won't show up as mounted. It shows up in the Storage / Disk and the file system shows up under Storage / File Systems but it does so as unmounted, I have to go in and manually mount it.

    What's causing the problem or where do I need to be looking to figure out why this is happening in OMV 5 when it didn't happen in OMV 4?

  • macom, the sleep 10 & mount -a worked. It seems to take about 5 minutes before the file system shows up in the Storage / File Systems of OMV (running everything on a Odroid XU4 so it's not going to be instantaneous or anything but that seems to have done the trick.

    I suppose I could do just a mount -a to trim time down but meh, it's working now and I've got a bunch more things to do before I go back and "performance tune" everything.

    Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.

  • Yes, I remembered, (AFTER) you gave me the info about the sleep being in seconds. lol Now why it's taking around 5 minutes for it to kick in I don't know, unless it's the order that OMV and Armbian are doing things in and the scheduled jobs are just getting done at the end or something. But it's working at least, even if it's not elegant. Shoot I don't mind if it's dirty so long as it works.

    One thing I did find odd is the locally connected disk filesystem isn't getting auto mounted after boot because my remote mount plugin is interfering with it. I have 2 folders on another system that I used remote mount to mount locally on my OMV so that I could bind them to a local folder and expose it to Jellyfin that I'm running in a docker. (I can't for the life of me figure out how to get Jellyfin to see the shares otherwise). Those two remote mounts will get mounted after boot no problem and the sdd1 won't. Now if I remove the remote mounts then sdd1 gets auto mounted no problem after a boot. Talk about odd! And a pain in the rear to figure out too.

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