My Dilemma - To Upgrade or not to upgrade My Hardware - That is the question

  • Good Morning,

    I have pondered this question long and hard and I'm not sure what I should do. OMV (4.0) currently does alot for me, but might be a small amount to others. It is my File Server, Plex Server, Torrent Box, UNIFI Controller. It runs Readarr, Radarr, Sonarr, Jackett, all in dockers and other Dockers that support those programs. I know information will be missing that you all require and I will provide what I can when I can. I'm not sure what my goal is. I know that I currently use 3 plugs to power it all.

    I serve Movies, TV, Music to a Local FireTV 4K Device, The Same 4k Samsung TV when Firetv doesn't like the files, to 1 Samsung S3 Android Tablet late at night. I also have 1 remote user that has 2 1080P TV's with only 1used at a time.

    I will list my current specs below so it can help

    Lenovo Tiny M900

    i7-7600T CPU 2.8GHZ

    32GB So-Dimm

    1 M.2 250gb Primary drive (internal)

    2 Mediasonic HF7-SU3S3 Enclosures connected via USB 3.0 (43

    5 8TB WD Red/White) Shucked drives

    1 3TB HGST

    1 4TB Seagate

  • macom Do you mean just upgrading my current system, new system or upgrading to OMV 5.0?

    If you are speaking about the current system the Tiny is exactly that. Tiny, it can only support a Intel Core i7-6700 3.4G max. I wouldn't be able to add a GPU unless I add another external device. No PCIe slots to allow even risers

    New System - Nothing is stopping me from doing it aside was figuring out what i want to keep versus what i'm going to replace.

    OMV 5.0 - I'm on the fence about, I'm not going to go to 5.0 until I know what I'm going to do with the hardware side of it.

  • Majorpayne

    Changed the title of the thread from “My Dilemma - To Upgrade or not to upgrade - That is the question” to “My Dilemma - To Upgrade or not to upgrade My Hardware - That is the question”.

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