openvpn-as via docker - can't connect to other dockers like (PlexMediaServer or TVHeadend)

  • Hello,

    with the help of TechnoDadLife I've installed openvpn-as via docker to connect to my home server from outside.

    It's possible to have access to my home server (OMV v5) via the IP-address of the server. But I've some dockers running like PlexMediaServer (Port 32400) or TVHeadend (Port 9981).

    When I enter the IP-address of my home server, together with the port of PMS or TVH, in the browser of an Openvpn-client, I can't connect to these dockers. The IP-address, without any port, allows me to connect to the OMV-server.

    Now my question is, how can I have access to my dockers.

    Any help is appreciated

    Thanks in advance

    OMV-Server-HW: MoBo Fujitsu D3417-B2 (Intel-LAN), Intel Xeon E3-1245 v6 Kaby Lake (4x3.70GHz), 16GB-Ram ECC UDIMM, 1x512GB SSD Samsung 850 Pro (sda2 - 30GB system, 4GB swap, sda5/rest - for work), 1x 10TB WD Red Pro, 1x 3TB WD Red (both basic setup) - Digibit R1 Sat-IP-Server with SatIP-Axe-Firmware

    OMV-Server-SW: Debian Buster with Proxmox kernel (always up-to-date), OMV v5 (always latest), omv-extras-plugin (always latests), AutoShutdown-Plugin, Docker with PlexMediaServer, TVHeadend, any many more

    BackupServer: Synology DS1010+ with 4GB Ram, 9TB@SHR (different hdd's), DSM 5.2-5967-2

  • Huberer

    Set the Label from OMV 6.x (alpha) to OMV 5.x

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