Hang During Install

  • Hi All,

    I am trying to install 5.5.9 onto a Dell Vostro 470 (Core i5-3450, 8GB RAM). Two 1TB WD blue drives. Power connectors for these blue drives are disconnected per the installation guide. The install is being booted from an CD-R optical disk and the internal DVD drive.

    The install gets to just after the NIC configuration and then stalls/hangs at the blue screen with a single white line at the bottom.

    The troubleshooting I have done is:

    0. verified that I have the original ISO that was signed March 25, 2020, so the ISO is not corrupt

    1. unplug the power connectors on the two installed hard drives

    2. unplug the wifi card from the motherboard

    3. removed the USB keyboard and mouse and HDMI video and put this PC on the KVM (Startech)

    4. write a USB stick from the install ISO and booted from that

    After each troubleshooting step, I have re-booted the PC. Nothing has worked as yet.

    I am hoping that you have some suggestions,


  • Quote

    1. unplug the power connectors on the two installed hard drives

    That shouldn't really be troubleshooting.. the instructions clearly state to disconnect all drives but the installation media and the target OS drive.

  • The Ethernet cable was plugged in and all drives had no power except the USB drive that I wanted to install the OS on. Anyway, I gave up on V5, I just could not get past that hang. I downloaded 4.122, no hang during install but now I have a whole new set of problems. (see separate thread for this).

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