Can't access my OMV Web GUI

  • I had my OMV server working for a few months before the coronoavirus pandemic. When the pandemic hit, I had to repurpose my OMV server machine to be my Windows 10 home desktop for work. Now I got a new computer for my at-home work, and I took the old OMV server desktop back into use. I re-attached the USB flash drive I use as the OMV OS, and I put the data HDDs back in. I boot it up, and I log in to OMV using the root, and I get in. However, I can't access it via the web GUI. I type the OMV servier IP address into my web browser, and it doesn't find it. I ping the IP address for the OMV server, and it never gets reached. My router internet IP address is My router LAN IP address is 192.yyy.0.1. My OMV server IP address is 192.yyy.0.14. I tried to run omv-firstaid on the OMV server, and it fails saying "segmentation error".

    When I boot up the OMV server machine, I get many "FAILED" messages as well. I don't know what these are because I am a newbie, ut they are

    "Failed to start A high performance web server and reverse ..."

    "Failed to start OpenBSD SEcure Shell server."

    "Failed to start Statistics collection and onitoring daemon."

    "Failed to start The OpenMediaVault engine daemon that processes ..."

    "Failed to start the PHP 7.3 FastCGI Process Manager."

    "Failed to start the Salt Minion."

    See attached image.

    Any help would be very much appreciated!!! If I need to re-install OMV, please tell me how to do that without losing all the data on the two HHDs that I had mirrored on the OMV server. Can I re-install OMV and then attach the HDDs and keep the data on them accessible to OMV without having to wipe the drives?

  • Can you login after boot and check the logs? like systemctl status ssh.service



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