How to set up TVHeadend in Portainer

  • Hello from germany,

    i have yesterday my NAS completly ne installed from scratch. now i´m stucking on the new features in OMV, especialy 'Portainer'

    I'm trying to install TVHeadend to use my TVCard hardware. Here you can see how fare i´ve become. My Problem is the "optional" arguments. I created the 2 directorys for config and recordings, but i´m getting a falure response

    error message:

    Deployment error Error response from daemon: create path to data: "path to data" includes invalid characters for a local volume name, only "[a-zA-Z0-9][a-zA-Z0-9_.-]" are allowed. If you intended to pass a host directory, use absolute path

    The other Optional argument withe the RUN_OPTS, what i´m suposed to write there?

    I hope anyone can help. I tried to find a tut in the web, but all of them are for the old docker in OMV4. No one is showing portainer.

    Thanks in advance for your time and help. Stay healty and safe.


  • I hope anyone can help

    yeah obvious really you have;

    - path to data:/srv/dev-disk-by-label-XPGNVMe1TB/NVMe1TB/TVHeadend/config

    - path to recordings:/srv/dev-disk-by-label-XPGNVMe1TB/NVMe1TB/TVHeadend/recordings

    it should be

    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-XPGNVMe1TB/NVMe1TB/TVHeadend/config :/config

    /srv/dev-disk-by-label-XPGNVMe1TB/NVMe1TB/TVHeadend/recordings :/recordings

    red = host blue = container

    hence your error; outside -> inside

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  • geaves

    thanks for the tipp. T tried:

    Ertror Message: "Deployment error Error response from daemon: invalid mode: /config"

  • geaves

    this solves the problem with the path. Now is there another.


    eployment error Error response from daemon:error gathering device information while adding custom device "/dev/dvb": no such file or directory

    There is a DD Cine S2 V7A card on the board and before under OMV 4 she was running well.

    I'm running on a X11SCA-F mainboard and the TV card is on PCH SLOT2 PCI-E 3.0 X4. Is it possible that, because i have a new NVMe Card on M2-M1 and this two are sharing the connetion, the mainboard wont finde the DVB Card?

  • I don't use it, but if it worked on 4 what setting did you add/use to get it to work because if it worked in the docker plugin it will work in portainer, have a look at the information in linuxserver/tvheadend in docker hub.

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  • You maybe need to install the driver on your host system; Look under Driver Installation under Linux.

    It could also be that the device(s) are namend differently and not /dev/dvb and/or /dev/dri.



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  • Hi everybody,

    I am used to OMV4 so this is the first time for me to use Portenaire, I don't have eny idea to insert the code of the container's Tvheadend parameters !

    Thank you for your patience :)

  • Hi,

    After several attempts to create a new container "Tvheadend", without result.

    I tried to create the container by uploading the "Tvheadend" image by command line, after this :

    Contenair: add new contenair

    It work, but the problem is the path of config and recordings, they automatcly create in system and i don't how changet this, second, where put the "Extra arguments", finelly, it's the worst of all, i can't find the DVB device :!:

    What do you think about ?

  • Why didn't you jus use the docker-compose as he suggested? It's considerably easier and the way you're doing it is sort of backwards

    You can edit the container, and then go to volumes, and edit your paths there however.

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  • Pourquoi n'avez-vous pas simplement utilisé le docker-compose comme il l'a suggéré ? C'est considérablement plus facile et la façon dont vous le faites est en quelque sorte à l'envers

    Vous pouvez modifier le conteneur, puis accéder aux volumes et y modifier vos chemins.

    Parce que j'ai eu du mal quand je l'ai déployé

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  • First, put your docker-compose file in code box, as people can tell you what line the problem is on. That is the </> box in the formatting for a new post..

    In the above, your problem is line 25... you're missing a /

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-3a892938-56ab-48a6-a7cf-e5d65065b670/appdata/Tvheadend/config:config

    It should look like this..

    - /srv/dev-disk-by-uuid-3a892938-56ab-48a6-a7cf-e5d65065b670/appdata/Tvheadend/config:/config

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  • Just like the message says, you have an invalid path in your config bind mount. You are missing the forward slash after the colon.

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  • Well, it works but without a device !

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