Permissions issue? Windows cannot access \\OMV5\users

  • I'm a new user and installed OMV5 on a RPI4 following TechnoDad's video and the PI install script.

    I've first ran into a problem with the portable USB drive Seaggate 5TB. It passes all seagate utility tests and works with other hosts. When I formatted it with OMV5 using EXT4, it threw an error and would not mount the filesystem. I was able to format it with an ubuntu machine and then OMV5 mounted it.

    Now I have a shared folder, an SMB share set to allow guests. And one user.

    The RPI host named OMV5 shows in my windows 10 PC, but I get blocked when I click into the shared file named users.

    I've followed the steps in the common problems post. but nothing seems to ever change. I'm wondering if my early problems formatting the drive are contributing?

  • disregard. I tore out the filesystem, wiped it and reformatted it. This time it took and everything went according to script. I can access my share now.

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