Help for dell T320

  • Hello everyone. I fell in the rabbit hole and I'm lost....

    I was looking to replace my old netgear nas that died on me. Fortunately I mostly used the nas as a backup so I could recover 95% of my data but that's another story.

    Since I was burned by a ready made solution I was on the market to build my own nas. I wanted to build something small, efficient and possibly cheap. i was looking for a pentium silver or gold build but couldn't find a consumer motherboard that supported ecc ram.

    In the meantime I placed an offer (211 euros) for an used dell t320 which I didn't think I could win... But I did:):(:) so here I am.

    Unfortunately I've come across many problems or doubts that I'll try to explain.

    1st. Raid Controller - the raid controller in my setup is the dell h310. I understand that is recommended to flash it with an IT firmware so to disable the Raid Functionality. I'm not really keen to do that first of all I wouldn't know how to do it on the dell server. And secondly the controller Is deeply intertwined in the machines bios and I'm afraid it could effect the server's functionality. That said the controller can set up a raid array or can also set the disks as non raid. OMV 4 can see both configurations. For now I'm keen to pass to OMV the non raid disks and install the os on a thumb drive (I had problems installling on a 32 gb drive by it seems is because I have 48 gb of ram and I've read the solution).

    2nd) broadcom drivers. I can install omv4 without any problems (except to install it on a thumb drive) OMV 5 installation hangs on setting the lan. It seems the issue is due to the broadcom drivers (5720). I tried to put the omv4 drivers present in pool and firmware in the same folders of the OMV 5 installation with no success is there a way to solve the problem?

    3d)the server came with 2 500 gb drives. Since I would like to use some VMs and containers and a plex server (and, if possible a minecraft server) i was thinking a possible alternative strategy would be to make through bios 2 virtual disks set in raid 1. one (120 gb) to install OMV (4 or 5) and the remaining space for the VM disks. Other physical drives for data storage could be attached as non raid.

    4th) if I couldn't install OMV5 but Only OMV5 would i miss something useful?

    5th) for my use case scenario would it be better to install proxmox (which installs flawlessly) and virtualize OMV?

    Sorry for the noobs questions. I did my homework but can't go further.


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