Remote Mount failed at boot because network is not already up

  • Hi,

    I've upgraded from OMV 4.x to OMV5 2 months ago. Just after the upgrade, except some issues with ups plugin, my OMV5 was running fine.

    Looking at the thread "OMV 5.0 Finally Out!" later on, it was also recommended to remove the old PHP7 pkg (it was not included in the script when I did the migration). I've removed the old package and I guess it has changed something in the boot order, as my remote mount failed systematically after reboot; I need to mount it manually in the GUI systematically. Everything is fine except that issue.

    After investigations, I found out (at least this is my guess), that network is not up when the remote mount plugin tries to mount my NFS share.

    You will find attached an extract of my Syslog.

    srv1ab1ffac is my remote mount and we can see mount fails because there is no network. Few lines below we can see that the network interface ensp0 is setup, but few ms too late.

    Is my analysis correct?

    If yes, how can we force the network interface setup at earlier stage? or postpone the remote mount process?

    Thx for your help

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