Simple Share setup

  • Hi,

    I am new to omw and have managed to install it on my N54l microserver. Its really amazing, the features and the UI. The only difficulty is abit of a learning curve, if not coming from a Linux background.

    I am trying to do the the following and can not get it right. Have tried for days and been reading around everywhere. Would appreciate any guidance.


    I would like a samba share, where users can access without entering any credentials - read-only on the files.

    I would like the same samba share to be available for another user (user1), that user can read+write on those files

    What I did

    • I have setup a Shared Folder (Public), with the default permissions of Administrator read/write; users read/write; others read-only
    • I setup 'User1' with Read/Write privileges on that folder
    • Created a Samba share, with the Public set to 'Guest Allowed' and Inherit ACLs & Inherit Permissions (not sure if I should have enabled the inherit options). Everything works, from Windows 8 ,I map a network drive to it and read/write to 'Public' Share Folder.


    • I then changed the samba share so that Public is set to 'Only guests'
    • I then remap the network drive from Windows, without any credentials and I can read the files but am now denied read - so good so far.
    • I then remap the shared folder in Windows again, this time choose 'Connect using different credentials' and enter the credentials for 'User1' setup in omv. However I still am still denied write actions on the folder. I was expecting to be able to write to it. Any advice ? What I am doing wrong ?

    One other thing, can I create NFS shares and Samba shares on the same folder ? That is my next step after I have resolve the issue above.

    Many Thanks

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