My raid1 box is borked. How do I mount my disks on my desktop?

  • So I moved a few times and wasn't as careful with my decade old, refurbished when I bought it machine as I would have like to have been able to, so it stopped working. Weird, since I have the OS on a flash drive, but either way I should be able to plug it into a hard drive dock and still play with my stuff until I can get a new box.

    I got a dock and plugged it in. Comes up as linux-raid in gparted, which makes sense, since it's a raid1. Fine, try to open with Dolphin, mdadm, etc., nothing. I keep running into a wall with this, and since it houses all of my data, I don't really want to do as much exploring as I normally would with another project.

    Here's my terminal output, accidentally broken commands and all:

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