Question about linuxserver/wireguard on Odroid HC2

  • Hi :)

    I would like to use this container on my Odroid HC2.

    The page says:

    This image is designed for Ubuntu and Debian based systems mainly (it works on some others, but ymmv). During container start, it will first check if the wireguard module is already installed and loaded. If not, it will then check if the kernel headers are already installed (in /usr/src) and if not, attempt to download the necessary kernel headers from the ubuntu/debian/raspbian repos; then will compile and install the kernel module.

    If you're on a debian/ubuntu based host with a custom or downstream distro provided kernel (ie. Pop!_OS), the container won't be able to install the kernel headers from the regular ubuntu and debian repos. In those cases, you can try installing the headers on the host via sudo apt install linux-headers-$(uname -r) (if distro version) and then add a volume mapping for /usr/src:/usr/src, or if custom built, map the location of the existing headers to allow the container to use host installed headers to build the kernel module (tested successful on Pop!_OS, ymmv).

    With regards to arm32/64 devices, Raspberry Pi 2-4 running the official ubuntu images prior to focal or Raspbian Buster are supported out of the box. For all other devices and OSes, you can try installing the kernel headers on the host, and mapping /usr/src:/usr/src and it may just work (no guarantees).

    You think i can use the contaier or i should download the kernel headers before? What do you suggest? I have never done this before.

    Thanks in advance!

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