Fail2ban and Nextcloud in Docker

  • Hi,

    I am running OMV 5 with Nextcloud in a Docker-image. I also installed the Fail2ban-plugin.

    Fail2ban seems to work but it doesn't block the IP it should. I can still logon to Nextcloud after three tries.

    I found an article where it is proposed to change the action to work on the "FORWARD-Chain".

    So something like this. I don't know enough to realy understand this. Maybe somebody can explain it to me or propose another solution.

    Actually I would suggest to somehow automate the Fail2ban-plugin to work with a Docker-image.

    I forgot to mention that Nextcloud is behind a reverse-proxy. So thats why it's not working. It wasn't that. See last post.


  • I actually found an elegant solution in a forum for that. This worked for me:

    Thanks to Hans de Raad from github-forum.

  • ono108

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