unknown device

  • i have a filesystem listed on /dev/vda1, and the used space is growing fairly steadily - it was at 419MiB free a few minutes ago.

    i have no idea what is accessing this device, and i am not allowed to unmount or delete it. what can i do to track down this device. i have checked lsusb but it is not there, and it is not listed as the source for any of my shares.

    your help is greatly appreciated!


  • thanks gderf for responding.

    first, this is omv running in a proxmox container.

    physically on the server:

    1x 1 TB USB drive for OS - not shared to OMV

    4x 4 TB drives configured as RAID on OMV

    when i ran lsusb, there were no devices on /dev/vda1

    unfortunately, i am not very linux knowledgable, so do not know how to further investigate what this device is.

    thanks again.

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