Problem with TVHeadend repository - Public Key Not Available.

  • Hello.

    I recently updated my server to OMV 5 and upon trying to reinstall TVHeadend, noticed that installation, on ARM devices running Buster, was a bit different and ended up on this page for the installation:

    I successfully installed 4.3-1857~g221c29b40 and it has been fine, but for a major issue - OTA EPG grabbing will not refresh properly.

    The only way to get new data is to restart the server.

    I am trying to find a newer version of TVH 4.3 and noticed on this page:…ptRepositories#Ubuntu-PPA

    that there is an unofficial Michale Marley PPA, offering newer builds.

    I tried to add the unstable version but am getting the following error:

    I would be really grateful for some advice on what to do, next.

  • There is no Buster Repo for TVHeadEnd. You gotta either use the Snap they provide, hope that your old install still works after upgrading to omv 5 or go with a docker setup.

    Oh, and OMV is also not Ubuntu, so that PPA might not work well for you.



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