How to share subfolder of shared folder with samba?

  • Got an omv shared folder that has 3 subfolders inside.

    I want samba to share just one of these 3 subfolders. There's no option for that in the web gui as far as I can see.

    What's the best practice to accomplish that, assuming it's not feasible to restructure my folders?

  • You need to create another sharedfolder. Select the subfolder you wish to share. If you will not be sharing the top level folder via some service, there was no need to create a shared folder for it.

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  • Well, that simplifies things. Was somehow under the impression that root folders in my filesystems should be created as shared folders through the webgui for some reason.

    Which does sound rather stupid now that I think of it. Easy fix then. Thanks.

  • WastlJ

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